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Leak Detection,

   We test for leaks using the most advanced equipment in the industry. Our equipment and experience allows us to quickly and easily pinpoint leaks and then complete the required repairs.


Deck Replacements and Caulking, 

   We can replace or repair your existing deck as well. We offer standard decks, pavers, stamped concrete, and flagstone as well as almost any other natural stone decking you should choose.


Coping and Tiles Gunite repair,

   We can replace your tile and coping with any of the hundreds of available tile and coping patterns. We also make gunite and shell repairs that require other changes such as altering the depth of a pool to repairing deteriorated walls.

Pool Resurfacing (Plaster, Paint, Vinyl, Patching),



Underground Plumbing, 

   We are able to repair existing or install all new plumbing to your aquatic features.


Structural Upgrades (Slides, Waterfalls, Features), 

   We can provide, install, and maintain brand new, top-of-the-line water features.


Structural Repairs and liner replacements, 

   We replace vinyl liners and make structural repairs as needed.



   We install new as well as repair existing heaters.

Pool Deck(Pavers,Concrete,Flagstone),


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