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Pool Opening


     The pool opening offered by Stagnum . is the most comprehensive Spring opening on the market.  Once you book with us for our opening service with a follow-up visit there are no further tasks for you to perform.
     Our certified pool operators will come to your pool and will perform the following tasks:






  •  Safety cover removal, cleaning and storing in location indicated by you​.

  • Remove all winterizing plugs from pool suction lines and return lines.

  • Assemble all pump and filter pipes to respective fittings​.

  • Check the condition of the sand, cartridge or DE grid elements. Clean or replace if necessary.

  • Hook up pump, filter and any other additional equipment you might have

  • Re-attach any deck equipment you have such as pool ladder, diving board , toys ,etc. Install all pool deck equipment including skimmer baskets, return directionals, etc.

  • Start up the circulation system .

  • Pool vacuuming (up to 60 min.) to remove leafs and debris that fell in during the winter.

  • Waterline tile scrubbing.

  • On-site water analysis, initial chemical shock and chemical balancing, salt replenish (up to 3 bags).

  • Follow-up visit: Re-vacuum after 2 days, re-test and balance water, backwash filter (additional $120)

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