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Pool Winterization



   After the warm days of the Summer are gone and the leaves start falling in your pool it is a signal for you to start thinking about winterization of your pool and pool equipment.
Winterization is necessary for the D.C. metro area with Winter temperatures falling below the freezing.
Failure to close properly your pool will result in hundreds if not thousands dollars of damage to your equipment and your pool due to waterfreeze in the pipes and the equipment itself.

  The Winterization offered by Stagnum is the most comprehensive Fall pool closing on the market. Our certified pool operators will come to your pool and will perform the following tasks:


  • Drain the pool 12 to 18 inches below the water line tile.


  • Blow with compressed air all water from filtration system lines and equipment.


  • Add pool antifreeze into skimmers and pool lines.


  • Install winterizing plugs in return lines and gizmos in skimmers.


  • Remove all pool equipment, handrail, ladders and diving board is available.


  • Winterize the pool pump & heater if available.


  • Add winterizing algaecide, and shock chemicals to pool water to prevent growth of algae and bacteria in the pool water and more important on pool walls.


  • Install cover if available.

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